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Established: December 1972
Capital: 32.76 million yen
President: Orihiro Tsuruta
Business Outline:
1. Design, production and sale of food packaging and food processing machinery, food processing plants.
2. Production and sale of raw materials for "konnyaku" and health foods.
3. Production and sale of health foods.
4. Sale of packaging materials.
Head office:
4-5-20 Midori-cho, Takasaki City, Gunma, 370-0073
Tel: (027) 364-7511
Major Clients:
Dairy product manufacturers, bean paste manufacturers, noodle manufacturers, manufacturers of processed marine and meat products, frozen food manufacturers, manufacturers of commercial-use food products and ingredients, manufacturers of arum root paste, drug stores, pharmacies, etc.
Main Banks: The Gunma Bank, Ltd., The Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Affiliated Companies:
ORIHIRO Engineering Co., Ltd.
ORIHIRO Plantdew Co., Ltd.
ORIHIRO More Zeria Co., Ltd.
ORIHIRO Material Co., Ltd.

Dec.1972 Established Tsuruta Shoji Co., Ltd. with capital of 2.5 million yen in Tomioka City for the purpose of manufacturing machinery for the production of konnyaku and food packaging machinery.
Mar.1973 Opened Tokyo sales office
Jun.1973 Opened Osaka sales office
Aug.1973 Opened Sendai sales office
May.1975 Opened Fukuoka sales office
May.1976 Opened Nagoya sales office
Jun.1978 Established machinery plant
Jul.1981 Opened Sapporo sales office
Aug.1983 Changed trading name to ORIHIRO Co., Ltd.
Created Corporate Identity
Apr.1985 Completed former head office building
Apr.1987 Established ORIHIRO Engineering Co., Ltd. in Takasaki City
Oct.1988 Established ORIHIRO Raw Material Plant Co., Ltd in Tomioka City (Currently ORIHIRO Material Co., Ltd.)
Mar.1990 Completed ORIHIRO Machine Center (Currently ORIHIRO Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Mar.1992 Opened Hiroshima sales office
Apr.1993 Established ORIHIRO D H C Co., Ltd. (Currently ORIHIRO Plantdew Co., Ltd.)
Jun.1993 Completed ORIHIRO Distribution Center in Tomioka City
Jul.1994 Opened Shizuoka sales office
Jan.1995 Completed ORIHIRO head office building
Jan.1995 Opened Kitakanto sales office
May.1996 Relocated head office to Takasaki City
Mar.1997 Opened Takasaki Plant
Aug.1997 Opened Yokohama sales offices
Dec.2003 Completed head office & plant for ORIHIRO Plantdew
Feb.2007 Established SUZHOU ORIHIRO Co., Ltd.
Jun.2010 Completed SUZHOU ORIHIRO Plant
May.2011 Changed trading name to ORIHIRO More Zeria Co., Ltd.
(Formerly More Logistics Co., Ltd.)
Jan.2012 Completed head office & plant for ORIHIRO More Zeria
Jan.2016 Extended ORIHIRO Plantdew plant
Mar. 2016 Established ORIHIRO USA, INC.
Feb.2017 Completed New Tomioka Distribution Center for ORIHIRO More Zeria Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2017 Relocated Fukuoka Delivery Center
Jul. 2019 ORIHIRO head office & ORIHIRO Plantdew ASEP plant newly established in Takasaki Smart IC Industrial Park

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