Preparation room
The first phase of the production process involves the preparation of the raw ingredients. Raw ingredients are prepared and thoroughly mixed in accordance with stringent specifications developed to ensure the right texture and taste.
Filling and sealing
The ONPACK-13000 stand-up pouch filling and seal packaging machine vertically feeds the roll film to produce stand-up pouches complete with spout before filling the pouches with the jelly.
Sterilizing / cooling / drying
This equipment was specially developed by ORIHIRO to ensure efficient sterilization of pouch products. In one operation it efficiently sterilizes using steam at a temperature of 85℃ prior to cooling. Condensation on the surface of the packaging is also dried before the product is cooled.
  Stand-up pouch products
This fully integrated line produces stand-up pouches complete with spout for easy drinking that also look very attractive on store shelves.
Automated packaging line
Robots etc. are used on the automated packaging line to pack the stand-up pouches into boxes ready for shipment.
Preparation room
Ingredients for the jelly are prepared in accordance with stringent specifications before being pumped to the filling machine.
Filling and sealing
The 6-line T-pouch filling and seal packaging machine, ONPACK-TPC6, can simultaneously fill and seal packages fed through 6 lines to drastically increase productivity. This machine is capable of filling jelly fed from the preparation room at a speed of 360 pouches per minute.
Sterilizing / cooling / drying
The filled and sealed T-pouches are then efficiently sterilized, cooled and dried by machines developed by ORIHIRO.
T-pouch products
This fully integrated production line allows for the production of safer T-pouch products which can be squeezed and eaten directly from the pouch.
Exterior packaging system
A computer controlled exterior packing system automatically adjusts the pouches to ensure that the combined weight of the six individual T-pouches equals the standard weight. ONPACK-2030SR, a machine specially designed to fill and seal package solid materials then prepares the exterior packaging.
  Automated packaging line
The product containing the six individual pouches is then automatically packed into boxes ready for shipment using an automated packaging machine employing air suction robots.
 Testing room
Products are subject to thorough bacteria testing in HACCP compliant, bio testing rooms where human sensory organs combine with testing equipment to check that there are no irregularities in the taste, texture and physical properties of the products.
 Automated warehousing
ORIHIRO's state-of-the-art facilities also include computer controlled, automated warehousing systems, which allow full automation (no human intervention) of work in the warehouse for increased efficiency and speed.

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